Fire Safety Violations, Fines, and Incentives


The Chapel Hill Fire Department documents both "Life Safety Violations", which must be corrected in order to pass inspection, and "Fire Code Violations" which are minor changes that need to be made, but are not life threatening. However serious or not, the violation is a violation, and the group is written up.

Once life safety violations have been found, the Fire Department re-inspects the house. Many violations are small and thus correctable within this time frame. If the chapter cannot correct the issue within the re-inspection time frame, they will need to work with CHFD to get a new re-inspection time. All life safety violations must be corrected by the end of each semester.   


  • $50 - not attending fire safety training
  • $50 - not submitting the self-inspection form by the deadline
  • $50 - not submitting the fire marshal log by the deadline
  • $50 - not submitting the housing occupancy report by the deadline
  • $100 - being on the roof of the chapter house at anytime
  • Tampering with or disabling fire equipment is grounds for referral to the UNC Honor Court for the chapter and individuals responsible.

Fire Safety Incentive Program

Since the fire inspection reports are sent to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life and Community Involvement, we are able to monitor chapters that successfully pass their initial inspections with no violations each semester. Any chapter that achieves a perfect score on their inspection for BOTH Spring and Fall (calendar year) receives $100 at the Chapter Excellence Awards ceremony in April.

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